Despite having a shaky start in the build up to Christmas, yesterday was fantastic.
No anxiety, no sadness, no tears.
Of course it played on my mind about how my biological family didn’t give a fuck but my partner’s mum reminded me, “you’re part of our family now, never forget that you are loved”.
I was sent a screen shot of my mom’s Facebook, in a typical self absorbed fashion, she wrote a passive aggressive status trying to upset me and my partner’s family, whilst simultaneously trying to make herself look like “the good guy”.
We were all pissed off until we realised, who’s missing out? Leave them to their bitterness and hate.
I won’t get into specifics but she was trying to make out that she was being prevented from seeing my son and act like the caring grandmother. She didn’t send anyone a message to see how his day was, send a card, she promised to send him gifts which of course never turned up. Nobody is stopping her from anything, she chose her dirty husband over everyone else in her life, she told everyone that she no longer wanted them in her life because they believed and supported me. She chooses a life of denial and as much as I love her, I can’t let her prevent me from being happy in life.


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