Whether it be a friend, family member or partner, never allow anyone to make you question your worth.
Of course, we cannot expect perfection but we also should not put people on pedestals just for treating us with basic respect. You shouldn’t feel privileged, you shouldn’t feel special, because respect should be automatically given. Not something you should beg for or jump through hoops for.
If people care for you, they will make a conscious effort to change problematic actions. They won’t change overnight and we can’t expect them to but we also cannot allow ourselves to hold our hopes out for a change that the person is never willing to go through.
This includes ourselves, we will all discover flaws and issues we know are unacceptable. That’s okay, that’s human.
But we MUST grow.
If those in your life refuse to grow along beside you and make excuse after excuse, we have to let go. Too many people lose years of their lives to people who feed them false promises.
If a family member, friend, or partner or ANYONE in your life is causing you unhappiness, anxiety, fear, do not sit in silence. Communication and their reaction will lead you forward, either with or without them.
You have to take care of yourself, you have to love yourself. You have the whole world on your shoulders already, don’t allow the weight of the universe to be added too. Stress kills.


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